CTI Certified "A" Series - Cooling Towers

A Series

‘A’ series of cooling towers are engineered to meet the required performance in diverse working conditions. It’s performance is certified under the CTI-STD 201 certification programme. The validation of this certification is done every year by a CTI licensed third party testing agency.A-series(CTI certified cooling tower)is an outcome of our extensive R&D and is referred to as ‘Premium series’ by our clients for its phenomenal performance. It is structurally robust to withstand harsh working conditions.

A Series – Flyer

A Series – Rating Chart

A Series – Dimensional Chart

A Series – CTI Certification Letter

  • CTI certified cooling tower, with components complying to CTI STD.
  • MOC: MSHDG / SS304 / SS316 / Pultruded FRP with option of fully Metallic tower.
  • Standard 4 pole, IE2 Motor with option of IE3/IE4/FLP/VFD/ Electronically Commutated.
  • Equipped with Belt drive system with option of Direct drive / Gear drive.
  • Axial fans with aerodynamically designed blade profiles with the option of ultra-low noise fan.
  • Pultruded FRP flap type air inlet louvers with option of cellular louvers.
  • Ladder, platform and safety railing facilitate ease of maintenance.
  • Aesthetic smooth finish on both sides of FRP panel and water basin.
  • Multi cell option available with single cell capacity of 80 TR to 3000 TR
  • Option available for with / without basin.

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