About Us

Advance cooling towers  envisions being the preferred manufacturer of choice in the cooling tower industry by offering our customers products and solutions that will bring significant value addition in the domains that they operate in.

  • To develop products and solutions that have a direct advantage in the market in terms of quality, cost, and energy efficiency.
  • To consistently invest in research and development, technological improvements and in building a robust service network.
  • To be committed to continuous improvement and respond to changing customer needs promptly and effectively.
  • To ensure unparalleled after sales service.

Our Journey

We have always been driven by the compelling need to be  innovative to change the dynamics in the marketplace, in our bid to maximise customer value. So developing an in-depth understanding of customer needs and realigning strategy has been pivotal to our business. What began as a humble foray into alternate material solutions in 1981, metamorphosed into manufacturing of mainstream fibreglass reinforced products, in keeping with our understanding of evolving market requirements.

We soon transitioned from producing insulation for thermal and cold equipment to manufacturing fibreglass cooling towers. This move was an outcome of the rigorous research carried out by our core team which had indicated to an opportunity to alter the landscape of the cooling tower industry. Advance launched the completely fibreglass made round bottle structure cooling tower in 1983. The product became the preferred choice over wooden cooling towers in the market. The wooden cooling towers present in the market at that time were not environmentally friendly, too heavy and difficult to maintain.

In yet another innovation, Advance decided to manufacture square/rectangular cooling towers to cater to customer requirements which provided an element of modular design and scalability.

Advance caters to the cooling tower requirements for various commercial and industrial applications, such as HVAC, DG Sets, automobile industry, food and beverage industry, pharmaceuticals Cold storages,  and  so on. Over the years, Advance Cooling Towers have made a mark across heavy industries such as steel, power plants, cement, sugar, chemicals, petrochemicals, petroleum refining, fertilizers and so on.