Chairman’s message

Advance cooling towers is a leading manufacturer & exporter of cooling towers and frp cooling towers.

We have been in business for more than 37 years, and strongly believe that this phenomenal journey has been possible because of our passion to offer nothing but the best to our customers. Through continuous innovation, we have developed products and solutions that break the confines of traditional market diktat to meet world class standards. Providing exceptional Customer Service has been central to the way we conduct our business, helping us forge lasting relationships with our customers throughout the lifecycle of our product and beyond.

Chairman’s message

When we decided to foray into the world of reinforced plastics over three decades ago, we decided to explore the path less traveled. And in doing so, we focused on harnessing the inherent strength of the core material that formed the base of our product offering by finding innovative and intelligent applications in the cooling tower industry, bringing tremendous value addition to our customers.

While this required considerable courage and conviction on our part, it also implied that you, our customers would need to place an equal, if not more, degree of faith in us. As you went ahead placing orders and gradually using Advance fibreglass cooling towers, we relentlessly worked on ensuring that we support you through the entire lifecycle of the product. Our focus has been on building a strong relationship with you, moving well beyond transactional interactions. We did everything possible to retain and augment your trust in us and our ability to deliver the best. From setting up an R&D centre to help us innovate to bring value by  minimising environmental impact, to establishing a wide service network for the seamless and efficient functioning of our product range, we have done it all.

As Advance grows from strength to strength, we will continue to let our passion for innovation and customer centricity drive us. We are deeply thankful to you, our patrons for being part of our wonderful journey and look forward to widening our reach to benefit many more across industries.