DM Series - Cooling Towers

DM Series

‘DM’ series is the modular round bottle design series of Induced Draft Counter Flow cooling towers. It is equipped with a rotating distribution system, and its high quality fiberglass provides robustness and longevity. DM series towers are highly acclaimed by industry veterans for its excellent performance and endurance. It is structurally robust to withstand harsh working conditions.

DM Series – Flyer

  •         Round bottle shaped cooling tower.
  •         Cooling tower components comply with CTI STD.
  •         MOC: FRP with MSHDG / SS304 / SS316.
  •         Equipped with a Direct drive system.
  •         Mesh at air inlet
  •         Capacity 5 TR to 300 TR
  •         Options available with / without FRP basin
  •         Rotating Sprinkler (MOC: Aluminium / SS304) for water distribution

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