KR Series - Induced Draft Cooling Towers


KR Series is a modular design based on extensive R&D efforts carried out in house.

The KR Series comes with an option for multiple cells in the same cooling tower unlike DM series wherein separate towers are given for higher loads. Cell orientation can be in line or back to back ( cluster) to suit site space restrictions. KR Series Towers are square shaped with turbulator sprayers, which enhance water distribution at lower heads without clogging of nozzles. Fills are generally cross fluted film type, which maximise air/water interaction and heat exchange. Drift eliminators are cellular type and provide higher drift elimination at lower pressure drops. A separate metallic structure is provided to ensure sturdiness of design without loading FRP Shell, thereby providing a longer operating product life cycle. These Towers are provided with unique FRP Modular casing panels. Fans are directly driven by a Motor. These Towers can cater to 500 TR or 450 M3/hr in a single cell and can be scaled up for higher capacities with multiple cells.

Key Features

  • MOC: FRP with steel structure
  • Square / Rectangular shaped
  • Available in cluster to suit space restriction
  • Fan directly driven by motor
  • Capacity 15 TR to 500 TR
  • Multi-cell for capacity above 500 TR
  • With FRP Basin
  • Lower Capex