CTI Certified NTM Series - Cooling Towers

NTM Series

‘NTM’ series of cooling towers are engineered to meet the required performance in diverse working conditions. It is the latest addition in the portfolio of our CTI certified cooling towers. It’s performance is certified under the CTI-STD 201 certification programme. The validation of this certification is done every year by a CTI licensed third party testing agency. It is structurally robust to withstand harsh working conditions.

NTM Series – Flyer

NTM Series – Rating Chart

NTM Series – Dimensional Chart

NTM Series – CTI Certification Letter

  •         CTI certified cooling tower, with components complying to CTI STD.
  •         MOC: MSHDG / SS304 / SS316 / Pultruded FRP.
  •         Standard IE2 Motor with option of IE3/IE4/FLP/VFD/ Electronically Commutated.
  •         Equipped with Direct drive system with option of Gear drive.
  •         Axial fans with aerodynamically designed blade profiles.
  •         Pultruded FRP flap type air inlet louvers with option of cellular louvers.
  •         Aesthetic smooth finish on both sides of FRP panel.
  •         Multi cell option available with single cell capacity of 30 TR to 400 TR
  •         Option available for with / without basin.

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