We presently manufacture counterflow  cooling towers and offer the following:

  • FRP Cooling Towers both Packaged and Field Erected for different water qualities including sea water.
  • Pultruded FRP Cooling Towers for different water qualities including sea water
  • Low Noise Cooling Towers

Know more about the Series


DM series is specifically developed to cater to needs of small application having heat load capacity up to 300TR or 270M3/hr. DM Towers are round or bottle shaped and have a compact design. The DM Tower is equipped with a rotating distribution system, which provides uniform water distribution to suit a lower head.  The Fill with a unique and engineered microstructure enhances air-water interaction and is bottom supported. The Basin at the bottom is designed with deep Cold Water outlet to ensure flooded suction and avoid cavitation of pump. It is a modular design and can cater to higher heat loads with multiple towers. The Tower made of high quality fiber glass provides robustness and longevity, with many towers being in operation for decades with just basic maintenance.


TM Series is a modular design based on extensive R&D efforts carried out in house.

The TM Series comes with an option for multiple cells in the same cooling tower unlike DM series wherein separate towers are given for higher loads. Cell orientation can be in line or back to back ( cluster) to suit site space restrictions. TM Series Towers are square shaped with turbulator sprayers, which enhance water distribution at lower heads without clogging of nozzles. Fills are generally cross fluted film type, which maximise air/water interaction and heat exchange. Drift eliminators are cellular type and provide higher drift elimination at lower pressure drops. A separate metallic structure is provided to ensure sturdiness of design without loading FRP Shell, thereby providing a longer operating product life cycle. These Towers are provided with unique FRP Modular casing panels. Fans are directly driven by a Motor. These Towers can cater to 500 TR or 450 M3/hr in a single cell and can be scaled up for higher capacities with multiple cells.

Key Features

  • MOC: FRP with steel structure
  • Square / Rectangular shaped
  • Available in cluster to suit space restriction
  • Fan directly driven by motor
  • Capacity 15 TR to 500 TR
  • Multi-cell for capacity above 500 TR
  • With FRP Basin
  • Lower Capex


RM is also a modular design series of cooling towers that can be customized to meet customer specific requirements. This Series has re-defined the FRP Cooling Tower Market and comes equipped with special features like a Safety Platform with hand-railing at Fan deck level. The Fan is belt driven by a four pole standard motor of a make of  international repute with the motor being installed outside the moist air stream exiting the tower. These Towers are equipped with Pultruded FRP louvers, which are installed in the air inlet and help in creating laminar air flow into the cooling tower. These inlet louvers also restrict  spillage losses and reduce direct sunlight entering in basin water thereby mitigating algae formation. The framework in these towers can be made in Pultruded FRP Structure thereby addressing sea water application. These towers are available with multiple fill alternatives to cater to various water qualities. RM Series can be designed for water flows up to  1800 M3/hr in single cell.

Low noise alternatives can also be provided as per customer requirement in TM & RM Series.

Key Features

  • MOC: FRP with Steel/Pultruded FRP structure
  • Rectangular shaped
  • Fan with Belt Driven Std. Four Pole Motor (Reputed brands)
  • Low noise compared to direct driven fans
  • Ease of maintenance as Platform and Safety Railing is provided
  • Pultruded FRP Air Inlet Louvers
  • Aesthetic look with both sides having smooth finish
  • Capacity 30 TR to 2000 TR
  • Multi-cell for capacity more than 2000 TR
  • With FRP/RCC Basin


A Series of cooling towers are CTI certified wherein the validation of performance is carried out every year by CTI approved third party agencies. This series has been developed based on our extensive in house R &D in our Thermal Test Rig  which has the facility of varying heat load. The A series of cooling towers have an in-built thermal design factor of safety  which provides lower Cold Water Temperatures thereby improving main plant efficiency (HVAC system, Process Chilling, Power etc.) in the longer run even for varying loads on the main plant. Our motto of performance validation  assures users t of enhanced and sustained thermal performance.

The A series of cooling towers are also of a modular design equipped with advanced designs of  components such as Fill Media, Highly efficient Drift Eliminators and Fans with aerodynamic blades. This series has common features of RM series such as Safety Platform with hand-railing at Fan deck level, FRP Louvers  and a sturdy structure.

Low noise alternatives can be provided as per customer requirement in TM, RM & A Series.

Key features

MOC: FRP with Steel/Pultruded FRP structure

CTI Certified

Reactangular shaped

Fan with Gear reducer & motor and V-belt driven motor

Suitable for District Cooling and Large Application

Capacity 500 TR to 2000 TR

Multi-cell for capacity more than 2000 TR

With FRP Basin/RCC Basin