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ACTPL has developed, cross flow cooling towers with CTI certification keeping in view the industrial segments especially in Chemical, Pharma, Food processing, data centres. These towers are designed for higher energy efficiency and the actual site requirements resulting in reduced energy losses in Motor, FAN, Transmission drive etc and overall improvement in capability of cooling towers. These CTs are also good for easier maintenance of the complete unit.

Key Features
  • CTI certified series.
  • Engineered for wide range of Industrial operating conditions.
  • Single cell design with maximum capacity up-to 1600 TR at standard operating parameters-(36/32/28 deg C)
  • Maximum water flow capacity of around 1250 CMH / cell.
  • Available in CTI ATC-105 performance requirement.
  • Designed for High Wind Loads. (As per IS 875).
  • Structural integrity against seismic Loads. (As per IS 1893).
  • MOC option of Fibre Reinforced Polymer - Pultruded Frame structure makes it highly resistive to corrosion under sea water application.
  • Louvers, Platform, Hand-Rail, Walkways and Ladders are available as an accessories.
SM Cross Flow Towers